Sky Mavis, GMonsters, MIXI Collab to Launch Fight League IP on Ronin

Learn about the collaboration between Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis, GMonsters, and MIXI t bring Fight League titles to Ronin.

Photo for the Article - Sky Mavis, GMonsters, MIXI Collab to Launch Fight League IP on Ronin
  • Sky Mavis partnered with GMonsters and MIXI to launch additional titles from the Fight League franchise on Ronin.
  • GMonsters plans to release three games under the Fight League IP, starting with Fight League Survivor, a casual-friendly arcade game.
  • Ronin users can participate in the closed beta test for Fight League Survivor in Q1 2024.

Today, Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis announced a partnership with GMonsters, a Japanese entertainment and gaming company, to launch additional titles from the Fight League franchise on Ronin. Mixi, the Japanese mobile game and app publisher that holds the Fight League IP, will offer comprehensive support to GMonsters, overseeing the game development process’s planning, production, and supervision.

Fight League on Ronin

As part of the collaboration, GMonsters plans to launch three games within the Fight League IP. According to a statement, the initial release, Fight League Survivor, is specifically designed as a casual-friendly arcade game.

Consequently, in the first quarter of 2024, Ronin users will have the opportunity to participate in the closed beta test for Fight League Survivor. 

The game will allow players to create distinctive strategies by combining fighters and chips that provide buffs. Moreover, the game will feature weekly challenges for players at different levels, with rewards for the winners.

“In partnering with GMonsters, we are aligning ourselves with pioneers who share our passion for innovative gaming. MIXI’s established presence in Japan and GMonsters’ demonstrated expertise in IP and interactive entertainment, showcased through successful titles like Pokémon Medallion and collaborations with major industry players, play a pivotal role in Ronin’s long-term strategy,” Sky Mavis CEO and Co-Founder Trung Nguyen stated.

Nguyen emphasized that the partnership enriches Ronin’s worldwide attraction by combining anime-inspired gaming adventures with immersive web3 gaming features, addressing the needs of our diverse user base.

Jia Shen, Co-founder and CEO of GMonsters, expressed excitement about the Ronin and Axie Infinity ecosystems, highlighting the expansive community of passionate gamers, robust marketing support across various channels, and the presence of a professional team with an international background. 

“We are thrilled for Fight League to have a home on Ronin and look forward to bringing our IP and entertainment expertise to the masses,” she commented.

Tatsuya Abe, Producer of MIXI, emphasized the value of Sky Mavis’ firsthand experience in successfully scaling web3 games and creating infrastructure for a mass audience. 

“We are excited to incorporate web3 technology into our Fight League IP to provide a new means of communication,” Abe added.

The press release shared that MIXI collaborated with GMonsters to enhance player connections with gaming experiences. Moreover, GMonsters, led by a team known for titles such as Crossy Road and Plant vs Zombies 2, expressed its commitment to creating innovative gaming experiences. 

Consequently, Fight League, their inaugural project aims to blend original and established intellectual properties in a new era of gaming encounters.

Games in Ronin


In December 2023, Sky Mavis partnered with Foonie Magus to launch Apeiron, the first blockchain god game on Ronin Blockchain. 

It combines roguelike card-battler and god simulation elements. The game’s features include a tri-token system with real economic implications, allowing players to trade and invest in their virtual worlds.

A demo is available on the Epic Game Store, and a global mobile game launch and token release are anticipated in early Q1 2024, introducing a new PvP mode.

Zoids Wild Arena

Last November, ACT Games migrated its portfolio to the Ronin blockchain, beginning with the blockchain trading card game Zoids Wild Arena, a blockchain trading card game inspired by the ZOIDS anime series.

The collaboration aims to combine Sky Mavis’ web3 expertise with ACT Games’ success in expanding iconic IPs, offering fresh and unique content experiences to the Axie Infinity community. 


In September, the open-world MMORPG game Pixels made a transition to the Ronin blockchain to allow the game avail advantages such as reduced gas fees, advisory support from Sky Mavis, and entry to the Mavis Hub distribution platform.

Pixels, which thrived on Polygon, has earned recognition as the top game in Unique Active Wallets. With its metrics, including 1.5 million monthly on-chain transactions, 100k+ monthly active wallets, and 5,000 daily active users, Pixels was recognized as the top game on Polygon. 

Other Axie News

Recently, GCash partnered with Axie Infinity to introduce a direct on-ramp and off-ramp portal within its cryptocurrency platform, GCrypto. This portal enables Filipino web3 gamers to securely transfer their cryptocurrency from the Axie ecosystem to GCrypto. The feature will also serve as a conversion portal for other games within Sky Mavis’ Ronin ecosystem.

Sky Mavis also recently launched the Homeland Beta last January 24. It introduced new features, including a Land Delegation marketplace, non-fungible token (NFT) axie integration, and an updated AXS reward system, accompanied by a major graphical overhaul. 

Further, the developers of Axie Infinity implemented significant changes to the monetary policy of Smooth Love Potion (SLP). The new policy includes capping the total supply of SLP at 44 billion to stabilize the digital economy. The supply cap will be enforced through in-game mechanisms and a social contract

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