Play to Airdrop Tokens | Top 8 Game Airdrops to Farm

Learn more about the following games that you can play to possibly receive a (potential) airdrop in the future.

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Blockchain games, or what was previously known as “play-to-earn” games, are among the blockchain use cases that bloomed during the 2021 bull market. 

They were once called play-to-earn games for a reason. It is because players of these games can earn crypto by playing. For instance, the popular Axie Infinity: Classic grants $SLP to those who have won in a PvP arena before. 

Up until now, most blockchain games still have this type of mechanism; it is that just the bear market came and the crypto prices went down, causing some players to lose interest in playing because they cannot earn enough. 

But as the market cycles and the bull is starting to be felt again, the web3 gaming industry has introduced a new mechanism to once again uplift the spirit of players, it is called the play-to-airdrop campaign.

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Play-to-Airdrop Campaign: The New Meta?

A play-to-airdrop mechanism is no different from the usual airdrops hosted by decentralized protocols. 

Difference from regular airdrops

Airdrops are basically one of the most common “pakulo” of web3 projects to introduce their new platform features and services, or most of the time, their native token. By doing tasks such as following the project’s social media accounts, using the platform’s features, and onboarding new users through referral systems, participants are able to receive airdrop rewards—either in crypto, NFT, discounted fees, or other digital collectibles. 

Usual airdrops follow a crypto points system, where participants collect crypto points, and their rewards are based on how high their points are. 

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Points in play to airdrop

For play-to-airdrop campaigns, the same crypto points are also collected, but there is usually a leaderboard system where the rewards are based on the rank of the participant. This system highlights that those who are dedicated and skilled enough are appreciated and rewarded the most. 

But what tasks are involved with these campaigns? From the name itself, participants must play first to be eligible for an airdrop. Though there are still tasks that are like following the game’s social media accounts and other tasks on the usual airdrops, there are points that can be obtained by doing the tasks in-game, like playing in an arena, collecting an in-game item on a certain part of the map, and even owning an in-game NFT character. 

In return, those who successfully climb up‌ the leaderboard will receive the game’s native token, a governance token of the blockchain where the game is built, an in-game NFT character or skin, or even a soulbound token. 

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And this is what most web3 games, especially the younger ones, are doing. One of the most known is Pixels, which gave away tons of $PIXEL to those who joined its play-to-airdrop campaign last January. 

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With this, BitPinas has listed some of the web3 games with an active play-to-airdrop campaign, or similar mechanism, that you can try so your paldo season will surely come. 

Web3 Games With Confirmed/Potential Play-to-Airdrop Campaigns

This section is updated on March 10, 2024.

Wild Forest

Photo for the Article - Play to Airdrop Tokens | Top 8 Game Airdrops to Farm

Wild Forest announced airdrop details early March 2024 for its $WF Token. Tokens will be distributed primarily to players, aiming for fairness in initial distribution. Check out this article to learn more.


play to airdrop mixmob

MixMob ( is a Solana-based gaming platform that claims to mix music, fashion, art, and movies “into one game world,” and is the developer of MixMob: Racer 1, a card strategy battle game about racing robots, which is described by the team as “best combination” of Mario Kart and Clash Royale. 

In a recent article, BitPinas listed MixMob as one of the platforms with an upcoming token, hinting at a potential airdrop. It is because the token generation event for its native token, $MXM, debuted this month. 

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In February, MixMob had a leaderboard program called “The Ladder” ( For that campaign, the Top 3 Gen0 Mask Holders on The Ladder for each season will win in-game items. Every Gen0 Mask Holder on The Ladder received an MXM allocation.

March Update:  The Ladder is MixMob’s Phase 5 “NFT Culture.” The Phase 6 is called QuantumStaking, where participants must stake Gen0 Masks and earn points that can be spent in the epic store. 

The start of the phase is not yet confirmed.

Kuroro Beasts

Photo for the Article - Play to Airdrop Tokens | Top 8 Game Airdrops to Farm

Kuroro Beasts ( calls itself as a multidimensional gaming ecosystem. 

Basically, it has a style similar to Pokemon, where players, called trainers, can roam around to explore, collect, craft, battle and master the element powers from “Beasts.” To earn these powers, trainers need to capture these beasts. 

It has an active play-to-airdrop campaign (, where about seven million $KURO is allocated for rewards. 

Participants must collect XPs by collecting badges that can be obtained from playing Beast Brawl, collecting Beasts, and Ancient game modes, including PvP arena. 

March Update: The $KURO play-to-airdrop campaign is still active. 


Photo for the Article - Play to Airdrop Tokens | Top 8 Game Airdrops to Farm

Apeiron ( is a free-to-play God Simulation Hybrid blockchain game.

In Apeiron the player becomes a Godling, a “newborn divine.” Players can then have their own planets with little creatures and use their divine power to improve their planets, help or punish the creatures, and create miracles. 

For its play-to-airdrop campaign (, read our detailed guide:  Apeiron Token Airdrop | Anima Play To Airdrop Campaign Starts

March Update: In a March 7 Medium article, the team clarified the difference between $ANIMA, its in-game utility token, and $APRS, the ecosystem’s native token. According to the article, they will focus on rewarding our community, beta testers, and early supporters with “plenty” of $ANIMA Airdrops.

“To maintain long term sustainability, we will not be doing much airdrops with $APRS, especially during the TGE phase. $APRS goes hand-in-hand with $ANIMA (similar to $SLP), which will be our game utility token, and which players will be able to get through playing, contributing, and winning!”

AI Arena

What is AI Arena?

Currently in its pre-registration period, AI Arena ( is a PvP fighting game using human-trained AIs. It claims to transfer a player’s skills to an AI through a process called Imitation Learning

According to its team, AI Arena is almost entirely skill-based, the better the player is as a trainer, the better their AI would be. It is also ideal for competitive eSports because there are no limits to how good their AI can become.

The developers are set to introduce its native token, $NRN, which is a utility token essential to player strategy in the on-chain version of the game. 

In Season 1, a total of 80 million $NRN, accounting for 8% of the total supply, will be distributed to the AI Arena community through an airdrop.

It has an active leaderboard for those who have already pre-registered and accessed the game. 

March Update: Pre-registration is still open and the airdrop is now on the second cycle. 

Nifty Island

Photo for the Article - Play to Airdrop Tokens | Top 8 Game Airdrops to Farm

Nifty Island ( is a free-to-play social game world where players and communities can build and manage their own islands. 

Its play-to-airdrop program is in line with the launch of $ISLAND, an ERC-20 token that will serve as the game’s native and utility token. A leaderboard is also currently active. 

To learn more about Nifty Island’s confirmed airdrop, read our detailed guide here: Nifty Island Play-to-Airdrop Guide | Roblox in Web3?

March Update: Participants can now check their eligibility for the recently concluded first wave of the airdrop at


Photo for the Article - Play to Airdrop Tokens | Top 8 Game Airdrops to Farm

GOMBLE ( is a web3-focused gaming studio that has multiple games within its platforms. 

It is currently in the second season of its airdrop (, in line with the launch of its native token $G. 

March Update: GOMBLE’S Airdrop Season 2 is still live. It has new mechanics though, where participants should join event games and burst their hot air balloons to receive Mystery Marbles, or mystery boxes with random prizes. 


Photo for the Article - Play to Airdrop Tokens | Top 8 Game Airdrops to Farm

Tatsumeeko ( is a cross-genre RPG x life-sim game. 

It currently has an auto-battler event called “The Uncharted Dream” ( Participants should defeat monsters in different area settings within Ielia to receive rewards. March Update: The Unchartered Dream is now open to anyone with referral codes. It is because in February, only those who secured a whitelist spot can access the event.

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