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Ultimate Sei Network Airdrop Guide and Ecosystem List

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Updated March 2024. (Jump to new content here.)

The crypto community started 2024 with a bang and for crypto folks on Twitter, an NFT collection, which looks like the characters from the popular anime TV series Dragon Ball Z, is emerging—they are known as Seiyans, built on the Sei Network.

But Sei Network is not just about the Seiyans, as it is also eyeing to be an ecosystem for web3 asset trading, and it is involved in three airdrops.

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Sei Network Introduction

Sei ( is a general-purpose, open-source layer-1 blockchain that claims to address the scalability problem of exchanges for digital assets by “leveraging a novel consensus and technical breakthroughs.”

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It is because exchanges are struggling with the scalability of layer 1 blockchains, that though exchanges are promising to bring decentralization, scalability, and capital efficiency, they cannot deliver the three altogether, according to Sei’s developers:

“There are major tailwinds driving the growth of on-chain trading and exchange of digital assets. As regulation increases on centralized exchanges, more activity flows on-chain. As crypto adoption increases, more assets are tokenized and the need to exchange these assets increases exponentially.”

Moreover, the network also emphasized that digital assets are not enclosed in cryptocurrencies, but also include NFT arts, in-game assets, and even social tokens. This led for Sei developers to stress that trading in blockchain space is general, not specific. 

“The most successful Web3 apps are: 1) Indirect trading apps (most Metamask users ultimately use Uniswap / OpenSea) or 2) Direct trading apps, disguised as a game or NFT marketplace (like Axie or Magic Eden), it wrote, adding the Sei is not a DeFi chain.

Other Airdrops on Sei Ecosystem

More dApps built on top of Sei Network are hosting their own airdrops as well as how to be eligible for the airdrops.

UXD  Protocol

$UXD by UXd Protocol ( is the first stablecoin to migrate to the Sei Network. 

Recently, it gave away $SEI to those who staked their $UXD, the protocol’s native token. 

As of this writing, the community is speculating on a $UXP Airdrop. $UXP is the protocol’s stablecoin. 

March 2024 Update
StatusUnconfirmed (Community speculation)
Reason for Airdrop$UXP, the protocol’s stablecoin, launch
Tasks to JoinBy obtaining tokens on DappRadar
Airdrop WebsiteN/A
Socials (for Update) 

Pallet Exchange

Pallet Exchange ( is an NFT marketplace powered by Tatami and Sei Network. 

March 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (Has an ongoing leaderboard system)
Reason for AirdropPallet Exchange will have its “Rewards and Loyalty” feature. Currently in Season 1, the details about Pallet Points is set to be release, according to the team. 
Tasks to JoinBuy NFTs (points will be based on both the number of NFTs and total price)
Airdrop Website 
Socials (for Update) 


Kryptonite ( is a liquid staking platform, with an integrated money market to earn compound interest on SEI while accessing leverage. It also offers SEI lending and enables the minting of the collateralized stablecoin, kUSD. 

Recently, the community speculated on an airdrop in relation to its native token’s launch, $SEILOR. But the allegedly massive airdrop is still ‌speculation. 

However, it is hosting a series of time-sensitive airdrops this season. The first one is for Seimen NFT holders ( and the second one is the Dragon Card Mystery Box Airdrop Campaign for $SEILOR holders ( 

It is advisable to always visit to regularly check the airdrop campaigns it is hosting. 


Levana ( is a perpetual swaps platform that claims to provide traders with a seamless and secure trading experience by offering up to 30x leverage for long and short positions.

It has an ongoing testnet program at

March 2024 Update
StatusUnconfirmed (Community speculation only)
Reason for AirdropIt recently launched its native token $LVN. 
Tasks to JoinTrade on the platform
Airdrop WebsiteN/A
Socials (for Update) 

YAKA Finance

YAKA Finance ( is a DEX that claims to unite launchpads and trading for the next liquidity hub on the Sei Network. 

March 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (Has an ongoing points system)
Reason for AirdropAttract platform engagement. 
Tasks to JoinExecute swapsProvide liquidityRefer new users 
Airdrop Website 
Socials (for Update) 


Questify ( is a web3-focused gaming platform that claims to combine gaming, betting, and social features. 

It has a “Quests” feature, where participants can do the tasks and obtain points. Those at the top of the leaderboard could receive either an NFT, a whitelist spot, additional points, and more. 

To join, go to


Currently in its testnet phase, SparrowSwap ( is a native AMM DEX that is designed to provide higher market depths and lower slippage. 

March 2024 Update
StatusUnconfirmed (Community speculation only)
Reason for AirdropThe community is speculating that SparrowSwap is set to host a massive airdrop after its testnet phase, in line with launching the mainnet, or introducing a governance token. 
Tasks to JoinJoin the testnet campaign. 
Airdrop WebsiteN/A
Socials (for Update) 


SubQuery ( is an open-source data indexer that provides custom APIs to its users to let them build web3 projects across its supported chains.

On January 30, SubQuery Foundation, the entity tasked with promoting and proliferating the use of the network and developing its ecosystem and community, hosted a public sale of SubQuery’s native token, $SQN.

However, of the 10 billion total supply of the token, only 4% were distributed during the event. The allocated tokens for the Foundation, the community, and mainnet incentives is about 40%.

This led the community to speculate on an upcoming airdrop. Though the team has already expressed that what they are planning for the future are bounties. 

The Sei Network Airdrop

The SEI Network has allotted 1% of the total supply of its utility token, $SEI, for community rewards and airdrops. Though no specific programs were mentioned to earn free tokens, the community has already shared how to get free $SEI tokens. 

According to Andrew Chen, a research analyst at the online website But Bitcoin Bank, one of the ways to earn free $SEI is to connect the network to Ethereum. 

To do this: 

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Connect an Ethereum wallet.
  • Step 3: Choose Ethereum as the “From” blockchain and SEI as the “To” network. 
  • Step 4: Select the tokens to be bridged.
  • Step 5: Type in the desired amount.
  • Step 6:  Finalize and confirm the transaction.

Meanwhile, more advanced natives may join the network’s testnet program to earn more tokens. 

To join: 

  • Step 1: Join the SEI Discord Channel
  • Step 2: Visit the #decnet-faucet. 
  • Step 3: Request for some testnet tokens. 
  • Step 4: Send the Sei Wallet address. 
  • Step 5: Wait for the dev team to send testnet tokens to the wallet.
  • Step 6: Use the testnet tokens to try the network’s features and functionalities. 
  • Step 7: Send an evaluation report to the team. 

Lastly, testnet participant can mint Sei Sunken Treasure NFTs by following these tasks. 

MARCH 2024 Update: There is no information available regarding how these tasks went over the past week. Thus, this Sei Network Airdrop Guide section might contain outdated details. 

Past Airdrops (Confirmed/Speculated) in Sei Ecosystem

Vortex Protocol

Vortex Protocol ( is a decentralized derivates exchange for IBC chains that offers more than 35 perpetual markets across.

Its recent airdrop campaign gave away $SEI tokens to those who

  • Placed limit order.
  • Placed market order.
  • Placed multiple Long/Short orders in one transaction in any market.
  • Got liquidated.
  • Referred a friend to sign up on Sei.


Astroport ( is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that promises to offer multiple types of liquidity pools, front running protection, and cross-chain interoperability to its users.

In our January update, Astroport was allegedly among the dApps that are part of the distribution of $SEI through airdrops. 

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