Newsletter: Crypto Dips as Meetups Returns | May 30, 2022

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I’ve seen this before.

It was December 2017. Everyone was so bullish on crypto. Everyone wants to learn. Even an SEC-registered (and then-delisted) firm wanted to issue crypto.

There were so many meetups.

Each meetup had more attendees than the previous one.

And then there were conferences. In one such conference, someone even boldly claimed that in three years we wouldn’t be talking about Bitcoin. It was 2018.

And then the conferences became more expensive and even more glamorous than the next.

There’s just too much money.

Bitcoin continued to slide down. 2018. 2019. 2020.

We’re seeing this again. But we don’t know where it would go.

The biggest difference? There are more people now. There are more crypto wallets. There’s play-to-earn. There’s DeFi. There are people who would happily teach you about crypto, for free, or at a discount.

But I do know what everyone is thinking: the country is opening up, meetups are coming back, I just wish it stops dipping.

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