Philippines Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain Guides 101

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All links to BitPinas resources regarding Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain in the Philippines can be found in this list.

Basic Guides

Consider the following guides in this headline the most important and must updated on BitPinas. Basically everything that you need to understand if you are starting on cryptocurrency. They are also the articles that we always update or atleast their contents are still very relevant today:

Virtual Asset

Virtual Asset is the term used by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to classify cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The previous term is “virtual currency” and a lot of old articles in BitPinas uses the term.

For the central bank, virtual asset maybe centralized or decentralized. On the subject of cryptocurrencies – they are virtual assets that uses cryptography.

The BSP requires all companies dealing with facilitating fiat (peso) to crypto transactions (and vice versa) to register as a virtual asset service provider or VASP (formerly virtual currency exchange). Another license – the EMI license – shall be needed if you intended to offer services like payment of utilities within the app. Finally they must register as a money service busines (MSB).

Virtual Currency Exchanges & Wallets

BSP Governor Nestor Espenilla Photo by Atty Rafael Padilla
Nestor Espenilla was then-BSP governor when the Central Bank released Circular No. 944

Below we look at virtual currency exchanges and wallets currently available in the Philippines:

Bitcoin 101

Miguel Cuneta is the co-founder of SCI, a licensed virtual currency exchange in the Philippines

The articles below look into Bitcoin and the ways to buy and sell (and keep) it in the Philippines.

Blockchain Companies and/or Blockchain Initiatives in the Philippine

Philippine Senators and stakeholders of the blockchain and crypto industry in the Philippines

Cryptocurrency Guides

Contract Signing Between Cebuana Lhuillier and SCI Ventures

Resources on cryptocurrencies in general and highlighted articles on specific cryptos.

Blockchain 101

Resources and articles related to blockchain, a form of distributed ledger technology.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Trading

Blockchain and Law Event held in UP BGC

The articles below look at crypto exchanges in general.

Use and Pay With Cryptocurrency

Memorandum of Agreement Signing Between DOST and BCB Blockchain

Various things you can do with your cryptocurrency. more than just holding.

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